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Q&A Session Published!TV Anime saeson 3 production confirmed & Arc 8 “Great Disaster” climax!!Talk show with author Mr. Tappei Nagatsuki

March 30, 2024 (Saturday), a talk event featuring Mr. Tappei Nagatsuki was held to commemorate the production decision of the third season of the TV anime and the climax of the Arc 8, “Great Disaster Arc.” Here are some questions and answers from the event. This time, there are 51 Q&A!

[Great Disaster Arc]
Q: After the eighth chapter, will the members of the Empire no longer appear in the main story…? I’ve grown fond of some characters from the seventh and eighth chapters, so I would be happy if they continued to appear.

A: They’ve had quite a bit of screen time in the seventh and eighth chapters, haven’t they? From volume 26 to the current volume 37, that’s 12 volumes in total… it’s quite an enormous number. It could be the end of a whole series (laughs). Of course, I have affection for the characters. The frequency of them being in the spotlight will inevitably decrease, but to say they won’t appear at all in the future… that’s a bit much. Abel would be too ungrateful! He needs to repay Subaru for everything! (laughs) So, while it might be difficult for them to become main members, they will still have appearances in the future, so please look forward to it!

[Others about Original Work]
Q: I would like to know the background story of how “Azure Lightning” became a bard’s song. Is the main focus of the song still on the “Imperial Selection Ceremony” where Cecilus stood out?

A: Cecilus pitched it to the bards himself, and that’s how it became a song.
Cecilus said something like, “I think it would be great if they sang about these exploits like this. I’ll even sing it myself, so please listen and learn,” and that’s how “Azure Lightning” came to be sung. Of course, there are episodes about someone standing out, but it also contains top-secret Empire stories that absolutely must not be revealed. So, Chisha gathered the bards and gave them a stern warning, saying, “If you disclose this, there will be consequences,” and Cecilus also got scolded by Chisha for it (laughs).

[Others about Original Work]
Q: In the seventh chapter, there’s a scene where His Majesty, Subaru, and Flop cross-dress and dance. If the Nine Divine Generals were to witness that scene, how do you think they would react?

A: Well, Cecilus would dance along, of course.
Arakia would have a stunned expression while watching.
Orbart would probably laugh and say, “Haha!”
Chisha would… frown but still watch, saying, “It’s His Majesty’s doing, after all.”
Goz would shed tears and play along.
Groovy would cheer them on, saying, “That’s it, keep it up!”
Mogro would question, “What’s the meaning of this? I don’t understand; I need an explanation.”
Yolna would say, “His Majesty wouldn’t do such a thing. What on earth is happening? But it’s amusing.”
Barloy would cheer them on.
Madeline would be the most confused. She’d be like, “Why would human beings do such a thing…?” and be even more perplexed than Mogro.

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q: In the movie “Another World Quartet: Anotherworld,” can “Nonstop Abyss,” the ability Subaru and Beatrice used, be activated with Emilia-tan’s ice-made door?

A: Yes, it can be activated.
However, if it doesn’t recognize it as a door, it won’t work, so whether it’s made of ice or wood, if it’s not recognized as a door, it won’t activate.
By the way, when discussing this ability, there was a consultation about its name from Director Ashina (※ Director of the anime “Another World Quartet” series), and Subaru deliberately aimed for a somewhat tacky name that fits with what happens when it’s used.

Q: Recently, talk shows have been held, but will there be a signing event soon? We’re looking forward to it!

A: I’d love to do a signing event, but talk shows are more enjoyable! (laughs) With signing events, it tends to be limited to around one minute per person…
On the other hand, with talk shows like this, I can chat with everyone for about 1-2 hours, which is better in terms of interaction. However, there’s a unique charm to signing events, and it’s an important opportunity to sign books and hand them over, so if it’s possible to do both, like having a talk show once a year and a signing event once a year, I’d definitely like to do that!

[Great Disaster Arc]
Q: In the latest chapters of the original work, counting Subaru’s deaths has become difficult, but do you have specific numbers in your settings or plot?

A: There aren’t specific numbers, but I do count how many times it happens. Since it’s a tough topic, I don’t plan to make it public, but I think everyone knows that whenever Subaru tries something like that, there’s always payback waiting for him, so please don’t worry and just wait for Subaru to suffer! (laughs)

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q: In both the anime and the games, the music of Re:ZERO is a treasure trove of wonderful lyrics and visuals. Do you have any particular favorite theme songs or character songs?

A: It’s difficult to pick just one as they’re all excellent… but I think the completeness of the first ending theme, “STYX HELIX,” stands out the most. The expression of the world is incredibly sophisticated, and I was deeply moved when it was introduced as the first ending theme. So, including the impact of the first impression, “STYX HELIX” is something I can’t leave out! (※ “STYX HELIX” link:

[Others about Original Work]
Q: During the three days when Natsuki Subaru cross-dressed for his high school debut without being found out, were there any classmates who fell in love at first sight?

A: I’ve never thought about that! (laughs) Just thinking about Subaru’s high school life after his cross-dressing was exposed is tough! Well, even though the quality was high, if he spoke, he would be found out, so it would be difficult. Also, if he left home already cross-dressed, his family would worry, so I think he probably cross-dressed on the way to school. So, in terms of quality, it’s definitely lower compared to Natsumi Schwarz from the seventh chapter and such… Also, compared to the cutest girl in the class, I don’t think he’s cute… So, he probably wouldn’t be able to speak… It’s not something to seriously consider, but I don’t think there would be any love at first sight!

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q: Will there be any mention of the “Seeds of Possibility” mentioned by Roswaal in “Re:ZERO -Lost in Memories-” in the future?

(※Re:ZERO -Lost in Memories- is Social game released by SEGA. Service was ended.)
A: I’m not sure how much we’ll touch upon the “Seeds of Possibility,” but we’re planning to delve into characters like the “Illusionist” that appeared in “Re:ZERO Lost in Memories” in the short stories. I want to draw conclusions for things that couldn’t be covered in “Re:ZERO Lost in Memories,” so please look forward to what lies ahead for them!

[Great Disaster Arc]
Q: Has Yolna shown any particular reaction when meeting people she was involved with in her previous life other than Yugald? Or has she ever revealed her reincarnation and talked about it with someone she was involved with in her previous life?

A: Yolna doesn’t reveal that she’s been reincarnated. Also, generally, by the time Iris reaches the age where she can hold her own consciousness after being reincarnated, the people who were alive during Iris’s time have mostly passed away, so there aren’t many experiences of meeting them, and there wouldn’t be situations where she reveals her reincarnation and talks about it. However, I personally want to write about what happened during the time of “Iris and the Thorn King,” so I hope to deliver that to everyone someday.

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q: Congratulations on the third season of the anime. Is there anything particularly important to you, Mr. Nagatsuki, when it comes to the anime adaptation?

A: Basically, I recognize that the anime is the work of the directors and staff who create it. What I write is just the original novel, so I follow the rules of the anime when it comes to things like how to express certain scenes or what to do with certain lines in the anime. However, even within that, I do mention fundamental aspects like, “Please make sure it doesn’t deviate from the intended meaning here.” Apart from that, I want to leave it up to the staff to make the anime better and more enjoyable, so I generally refrain from interfering too much. What’s important to me is getting along with the staff. I bring snacks every week at recording! (laughs)

[Others about Original Work]
Q: Lilliana is probably the only character in the main story whose perspective is depicted in the first person. Did you have any particular intention or attachment to that?

A: It’s more like, “I wanted to try writing it, so I did.” Some people might have noticed, but even though Re:ZERO is written in the third person, it’s not from the perspective of a god; it subtly changes the tone of the narration depending on the character’s perspective. While thinking about that, since Lilliana is such a crazy character, I thought it would be interesting to write her in the first person, so I chose it as part of the character’s expression in writing.

[Others about Original Work]
Q: Can the ice flowers that appeared in “Frozen Bonds” also be used by the current Emilia?

A: She can use them, but it’s quite a cruel technique… The ice flowers are a technique with a nuance of “a flower that blooms using life, sucking blood from wounds to create ice,” and it’s a story where Emilia, who couldn’t control it, regrets using it against a demon in the past. So, even if she can use it, Emilia doesn’t want to, and personality-wise, I think she wouldn’t do it anymore.

Q: In the world of Re:ZERO, what is the average lifespan of a pure human?

A: Well… I think it would be shorter compared to modern times, so maybe around 60 years old. That would make Wilhelm a bit worried, wouldn’t it? (laughs) But Wilhelm is healthy, so I don’t think that’s the case. It might vary slightly depending on the standard of living. Since Wilhelm serves the ducal house, he should receive a proper salary and probably has savings. Also, as a member of the “Sword Saint” lineage, he should receive rewards from the country. Considering all that, Wilhelm wouldn’t fit the average, so I think for ordinary people in a normal town, the average lifespan would be around 60 years old.

[Great Disaster Arc]
Q: Haribel finally appeared in the eighth arc, but are there any plans for him to appear in future arcs? I really want to see his interactions with Subaru and the others.

A: Haribel wasn’t originally planned to appear, you know. But since he did… well, now that he’s appeared, I guess we’ll have to use him, right? (laughs) He got along better with Anastasia than I imagined, and we haven’t done a name turn for Anastasia yet, so I think he’ll probably have more appearances.

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q: If the seventh and eighth arcs were to be adapted into anime, would related Ex volumes and other side stories also be adapted?

A: I’d definitely want them to be adapted, absolutely. I really want to see things like a theatrical version of “Sword Demon Love Song” or “The Dream the Lion King,” but well… it’s not that easy to make it happen. But isn’t this the voice of the fans? (laughs) If everyone raises their voices and says, “There’s demand for this, isn’t there?” then it might become a topic of discussion during meetings like, “Oh, it seems there’s some fan demand? Well, I guess I could do it~” Even if they’re not adapted into theatrical versions, there’s a possibility they could be incorporated into the main story to make the story easier to understand, so there’s still hope for them to be visualized.

[Others about Original Work]
Q: Beatrice seems to enter mana-saving mode at an early stage if she doesn’t absorb mana from Subaru, but how long does it take for Subaru to experience mana exhaustion if mana isn’t absorbed from him? Does his condition worsen as the days go by?

A: If he’s just going about his usual activities, his health would start to deteriorate after one or two days, become quite bad by the third day, and he’d be bedridden by the fifth day, I think. So, I imagine the few weeks that Beatrice spent apart from Subaru in Volakia were probably incredibly stressful for her.

Q: How many more times does Emilia have left to transform into a heroine?

A: If we’re strictly talking about transformations, I think there’s about one more left. However, personally, I think the more opportunities for her to shine, the better, so I want to continue depicting accomplishments in the future.

[Great Disaster Arc]
Q: In Volakia, since healing magic isn’t prevalent, are there any areas where their medical technology surpasses other countries? Also, does the Emperor have a personal physician? (I wonder if he listens obediently to the doctor, and if he’s ever been unwell.)

A: Well… I haven’t delved deeply into this aspect, but if we were to explore it, I imagine that Volakia would have developed non-magical medical technologies to some extent, as many aspects wouldn’t make sense without it. However, I don’t think they’ve advanced much in terms of major surgeries or curing diseases. It’s a pretty outrageous place where phrases like “There’s no value in weaklings living” or “If you get sick, it’s your own fault” are common, so I don’t think there’s been much progress in medicine or pharmaceuticals. (There might be some knowledge of herbal remedies passed down within families or tribes, but not much beyond that.) On the Ginunhive, Old-man-Nuru was practicing a kind of folk medicine without proper study, I think. As for Abel, I imagine Chisha would have acted as his physician. Since I don’t think he’d show his body to anyone besides Chisha, she would have studied and practiced some rudimentary medicine.

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q: Are there any characters you’d like to include character songs for in future anime adaptations?

A: Personally, I don’t have much of a sense for character songs…
BUt when there is a story where a person’s name is the title of a chapter, I want that person to sing it.
Going in order, the next one would be… Regulus! So, it’s Regulus! (laughs)

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q: What are Shion and Lilac’s favorite foods?

(※ Shion and Lilac = Characters from “Re: ZERO -Lost in Memories-“)
A: I think Shion and Lilac have the same favorite foods. There were illustrations of them in a hot spring and carrying alcohol, so speaking of hot springs and alcohol, how about hot spring manju (steamed buns)? They seem to like sweet things too, so for that, I’ll confirm with the writer of “Re: ZERO -Lost in Memories-” just to be sure. (laughs)

[Others about Original Work]
Q: I love the Subaru and Beatrice combo! When Subaru took Beatrice out into the outside world, are there any spots they visited that left a lasting impression on her or became her favorites?

A: That would be during the events between the fourth and fifth arcs after Beatrice came out of the “Forbidden Library.” For a while, she wouldn’t leave Subaru’s side and followed him everywhere, even to the bathroom, where they had some disagreements. During that time, Subaru wanted Beatrice to see all the places that were special to him in this world, like the flower fields he visited with Emilia in Arlam Village, or the river where he played with the children in Arlam Village. He wanted her to see all the places he enjoyed in this world. So, for about a year, they went around together visiting places Subaru treasured (not the places he died in). They explored places Subaru wanted to show her, like the ones Garfiel taught him about. Instead of specific spots, it’s more like all the places Subaru wanted to share with her ended up in Beatrice’s album, I suppose.

[Great Disaster Arc]
Q: What is Cecilus’s favorite word from Subaru that he absorbed in katakana? For me, words like “no co-starring” or “directing plan” have a story-like feel that I like!

A: “──Perfect!!”

[Others about Original Work]
Q: In the seventh arc, Subaru mentioned briefly, but if you were to create the Nine Divine Generals with members from the Lugunica Kingdom, who would be the candidates according to Tappei-sensei?

A: Purely based on strength, the Nine Divine Generals are composed of the strongest individuals. So, from the Lugunica Kingdom, it would be… Marcos, Roswaal, Julius, Reinhard, Wilhelm would fit based on achievements, but it’s a bit tricky. Also, Garfiel. I think it would be weird to include Emilia and the other Royal Selection candidates… So, three slots left. Since I haven’t depicted strong characters from the Lugunica Kingdom, I’ll stock this as material for a side story. Thanks, that helps!

Q: Tappei-sensei, would you consider holding talk shows or autograph sessions in places like Kansai, Kyushu, Tohoku, etc., in the future? As a Re:ZERO fan living outside Tokyo, I would be extremely happy to have such an opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.

A: If you invite me, I’ll go. I should be able to go anywhere in the country as long as there’s a passionate offer, so please do!

[Others about Original Work]
Q: If the characters were to work as working adults in modern-day Japan, what occupations do you think they would have? Please include Emilia’s faction, and if possible, the other factions too! I especially like Julius, so I’m particularly interested in the Anastasia faction…!

A: This is quite greedy, huh? (laughs) Anastasia would probably just be a female CEO. Julius might work for Anastasia…? If not, maybe he’d be an actor? He seems like he’d look good with sunglasses hanging around his neck. If Mimi and the others were in modern-day Japan, Ricardo would probably just be a bodyguard. I don’t think all three of them would be good as bodyguards. They might surprisingly be suited for sales, except Hetaro might be suspicious. Let’s leave Hetaro in the development department. Joshua would be a manager if Julius were an actor. He’d probably serve as his assistant, handing him water and such. Please be content with the Anastasia faction alone!

[Great Disaster Arc]
Q: Subaru’s “Return by Death” was considerably abbreviated in the eighth arc. Are there any plans to write about it in side stories or the like in the future?

A: I don’t think I will. That abbreviated part wouldn’t be interesting to write about.

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q: Are there any scenes you particularly want to see animated? If so, which scenes?

A: I’d like to see several scenes, like the Name-titled episode or Subaru’s speech, but more than that, I want to see a scene where Emilia cuts to the chase when confronting Regulus. I personally think I did a good job depicting Emilia’s feelings, so I’d like her to be drawn really cute, and I’m looking forward to seeing Takahashi perform her adorable voice. Also, I’m excited to see the chase scene with Regulus!

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q: Do you have any plans to publish “Aganau” root as a book in the future?

(※ Aganau root= “Re:ZERO -Lost in Memories-” New Chapter 2 “Zero Kara Aganau Isekai Seikatsu”. An if story branching off from the third arc)
A: I think it turned out pretty well, but it was created as it was, so I don’t plan to publish the same if story as a book. If I were to publish an if story as a book, it would be a different story. I hope you enjoy it as an experiment in “Re:ZERO -Lost in Memories-“!

[Great Disaster Arc]
Q: Subaru has been fighting tirelessly since the fifth arc, wearing down mentally. Will Subaru get a chance to rest like he did after the fourth arc once the eighth arc ends…?

A: Subaru is scheduled to have plenty of rest in the ninth arc!

[Great Disaster Arc]
Q: Subaru and Todd had the worst compatibility, but conversely, who is the character that gets along best with Todd in the story? Is it Jamal after all?

A: Yes, it’s Jamal. Actually, Jamal has never died even once. Other characters have died at least once in Subaru’s repeats, but this is something I personally wanted to do. So, no matter how hard Todd tries, Jamal won’t die! (laughs) I think if I’ve done a few things like kicking him off a cliff, he will come back saying, “Phew, that was close!”

[Great Disaster Arc]
Q: Will Vincent continue to play an important role in the future? It’s sad to see him pushed to the sidelines; he’s one of my favorite characters!

A: Once the eighth arc is over, he’ll inevitably be out of the main lineup, but when the story returns to the Lugunica Kingdom or deals with the Witch Cult, there might be situations where, for example, they want to borrow the Empire’s power as reinforcements or have discussions about getting along better with the Empire, and then Abel might come back as Vincent.

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q:In the first episode of the anime, when Subaru was summoned to Lugunica, a scene was shown in which Felt ran away with the insignia. Did you request that she be the first character shown, as the second protagonist and rival? It’s like the beginning of each respective story.

A: I didn’t specifically request that. I think the anime production team handled it significantly because she’s a symbolic character who will appear later. They probably chose her from the characters that were okay to show at that timing, to make the scene more interesting. However, she is indeed a rival character, so your understanding isn’t wrong.

Q: Do you have any references you use when coming up with character names?

A: Initially, I didn’t use any, but later on, I started avoiding common names or ones that are too common in reality. I try to avoid names that come up a lot in searches. Other than that, I try to avoid duplicating names, so I sometimes pick from field guides like flower names or stone names. For specific groups like the Empire or the Astrea family, I try to maintain consistency by choosing similar sources, but I don’t really try to make the names too elaborate. I prioritize the sound and feeling of the names.

[Others about Original Work]
Q: Considering the jump from the moon to the earth, wouldn’t Reinhard’s speed be several thousand times the speed of sound, allowing him to orbit around the Re:ZERO world in a few seconds? Who is the character closest in speed to Reinhard? How much of a difference in speed is there between Reinhard and the character closest to his speed?

A: That’s a smart question. However, since the Re:ZERO world is not Earth, we don’t know if the distance to the moon is the same as it is to Earth. It might be super close! (laughs) I did that scene with Reinhard kicking the moon back because I thought it would be fun, so I didn’t think too much about the specifics… But purely speaking of “who is the character closest in speed to Reinhard?” Cecilus would be faster than Reinhard. While he’s fast, Reinhard would probably be stronger if they fought. Speed and strength have different correlations.

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q: In games like “Forbidden Book and the Mysterious Spirit” and “Lost in Memories,” the enemy mobs like magical beasts that appear—are they integrated into the Re:ZERO original world to some extent? Are they treated as parallel world entities?

A: As for magical beasts and enemies, the more there are, the more it helps me as the author, so I keep a good stock of them. Those that appear in games are allowed to exist in the Re:ZERO world, so they’re not treated as parallel world entities. Feel free to think of them as creatures that really exist in the Re:ZERO world!

[Others about Original Work]
Q: Who gave Kadomon his facial scar?

A: His wife. Kadomon’s wife is the daughter of the elderly couple working for the Astrea family.

[Others about Original Work]
Q: What hairstyle do you imagine Petra will have when she grows up?

A: Personally, I like it when girls with short hair grow their hair to about the length just before it’s completely grown out… Since the Royal Selection lasts for three years, Petra would be around 12 to 15 years old. I think it would be nice if her hair was that length at that time.

Q: Could you tell us your favorite food or something you often eat or drink while taking a break from writing?

A: There was this almond snack in the recording studio that was incredibly delicious (laughs). It was ridiculously tasty, but when I looked at the bag, I was shocked by the number of calories! The bag was about the size of “Kakinotane”, but it had around 150kcal. I realized I was eating a huge amount of calories and felt regretful, but it was the most delicious thing I’ve eaten recently. Also, I often drink vegetable juice. I think I’ve been nicknamed “Vegetable Juice” at the family restaurant I often visit.
※Kakinotane : one of the most famous rice crackers in Japan

Q: What’s your favorite arc?

A: The final arc, definitely. The final arc should definitely be the most exciting…!

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q: I’m a huge fan of the “Sword Demon Love Song” comic adaptation. The art is amazing! I’d love to see something similar in Ex5. What do you think?

A: Of course I’d want to see it…! Seeing my own work adapted into manga, film, or game form, seeing expressions and interpretations that didn’t come from me, is very stimulating. If it’s more entertaining than what I came up with, I’ll be like, “Damn it!” (laughs)

[Others about Original Work]
Q: How do the members of the Wise Council feel about Subaru, who caused various problems at the start of the Royal Selection in Arc 3, later accomplishing many great feats like contributing to the defeat of the White Whale, the elimination of “‘Sin arcbishop of Sloth” and “Greed,” and reaching the Pleiades Watchtower? Is Subaru’s name frequently mentioned in gatherings of the Wise Council?

A: When all the members of the Wise Council gather together, I think they’re all holding their heads in their hands, like, “Give me a break!” They probably have discussions like, “It’s great that the White Whale and ‘Sin arcbishop of Sloth’ are gone, but…”,”Why does it have to be Emilia’s camp… it could’ve been any of the other four… If it were any of the other four, we could rejoice wholeheartedly…”
It’s like, “Seriously, what’s going on?” because it’s all happening one after another. The Wise Council consists of about seven wise old men, and I think their opinions split about 3:3:1. There are three in the “It’s okay because Emilia is doing her best” faction, three in the “No matter how hard she tries, it’s no good” faction, and one who is like, “Let’s just go along with the flow.” Well, they’re not exactly welcoming her with open arms. She’s seen as a big headache.

Q: When you get drunk, do you become like Emilia-tan or Rem-rin when they’re drunk? If someone were to pet your head, would you purr?

A: I’m not that cute!

Q: Could you share your favorite passage from your works?

A: The one that left the biggest impression on me is “――Subaru realized that making up with Emilia was a mistake.” It’s only available on the web, and I’ve adjusted the wording for the printed version. It’s from Arc 3, where Subaru genuinely reflects, makes up with Emilia, and despite that, he fails. I think I managed to convey a sense of impermanence or inevitability, so it’s one of my favorites. Alternatively, I also like this line from the first battle with Beatrice: “The inaugural battle commenced as the two of them vowed to fight while holding hands many times in the future.”

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q: Will the location resembling a church with the mural of Subaru and Emilia from the TV anime announcement special PV be visited in the original work in the future?

(※Special PV:
A: Where exactly is that place…? (laughs) If we use it, it’s going to be really hot, so I’d like to use it somewhere. It might be used in a future arc set in the capital city or in the Lugunica Kingdom, or perhaps in the final arc. Thanks for reminding me about it!

Q: I’m studying abroad in Canada. Is there a country you’d like to visit?

A: Dubai! It seems amazing. Also, I’d like to visit Singapore.

[Great Disaster Arc]
Q:What reward did Chisha receive? Since he contributed significantly to Emperor Vincent Volakia’s rule, which adheres to the motto “Reward Virtue and Punish Vice,” I’m very curious…! I’d also like to know if there are any unusual rewards received by the Nine Divine Generals.

A: Since the Nine Divine Generals hold high positions, I imagine they received something within Emperor Vincent’s capabilities when they became generals. Each probably received something that they couldn’t achieve with their own power but could be achieved with the power of the Empire. For example, Cecilus received a wicked sword stored in the castle… Well, after he received it, he melted it down and had it reforged by Groovy, so it’s more like, “Give me a break!” (laughs) I think it’s the same case with Jorna receiving the Chaos Frame, so going with that theme… there’s a possibility that Chisha didn’t receive anything at all. Chisha probably said, “I’ll think about it,” and until the decision was made, it was impossible to dismiss him from his position. It’s likely that Chisha remained by Vincent’s side until the decision was made, as it would be a disgrace to both Vincent if Vincent, who adheres to “Reward Virtue and Punish Vice,” couldn’t provide what his vassals desired.

[Others about Original Work]
Q: What kinds of magic are considered forbidden spells in the world of Re:ZERO? And who are the people capable of using them? (Are races like elves, who are adept in magic, more likely to use them?)

A: Forbidden spells are mostly created and used by Echidna… Just kidding (laughs). But in all seriousness, many forbidden spells were created during the era of Echidna and the witches. They are often documented in writings or passed down through oral traditions and legends. Some forbidden spells are crafted to be usable only by specific individuals or bloodlines, making them exclusive to those families. Forbidden spells are magic or curses with effects that are stronger than ordinary magic and are deemed taboo to use. Therefore, those who can use them are typically individuals skilled in magic and belong to bloodlines capable of inheriting forbidden spells or possess items related to them. While it’s conceivable that a few exceptionally gifted individuals might develop forbidden spells, there haven’t been any instances of this so far.

[Great Disaster Arc]
Q: There’s a scene where Subaru connects with members of the Pleiades Squadron using “Cor Leonis” in Arc 8, but despite being noticeably farther from his allies compared to when he used it in Arc 6, the members of the Squadron seem to strongly enpowered. Are there any limitations based on distance for “Cor Leonis”?

A: There are no limitations on the effects of “Cor Leonis” when the user moves away after connected state. Subaru cannot attempt to connect “Cor Leonis” while he’s away. It would be challenging to connect from a distance the size of a town, but he could likely establish a connection from within the Pleiades Watchtower, provided he can pinpoint their location. Once connected, as long as Subaru doesn’t fall asleep or lose consciousness, the connection can be maintained indefinitely. Therefore, even though Subaru and the Pleiades Squadron members are currently apart in Arc 8, it would imply that Subaru hasn’t slept or lost consciousness as he traveled all the way to the imperial capital while maintaining the connection. If Subaru were suddenly knocked out in this state, the Pleiades Watchtower members fighting in Garkla would instantly weaken, which would be dangerous.

[Anime and Media Mix]
Q: I really like Tiga and Melty, who appeared in “False Royal Election.” What happened to them in the main storyline?

A: I want to bring them back somewhere.

Q: Otto is known to enjoy alcohol, but is he strong when it comes to drinking? And do you have any anecdotes about him and alcohol?

A: Otto’s biggest alcohol mishap would be meeting Subaru (laughs). That was already a failure in itself. He went to Gusteko to sell oil, but with the Royal Selection starting and international travel restricted, he couldn’t sell the oil he bought and ended up drowning his sorrows in a tavern. Then Subaru approached him, and he got roped into… well, that’s the current situation, which you could consider a failure related to alcohol. He doesn’t remember that incident, but I think he and Subaru must have had conversations like, “If you hadn’t been drunk that time, things wouldn’t have gone so wrong,” “I didn’t make any mistakes.” (laughs) Other than that, there are stories like being caught sleeping in the garden by Petra and being splashed with water, or how one morning Garfiel went out to howl, but Otto was already there. That sort of thing. As for whether Otto is strong with alcohol, I wouldn’t say he is. But he does like it.

EX. [Birthdays]
Finally, let’s introduce the characters whose birthdays were revealed during this talk show!
↓Here they are↓
Luanna Astrea: January 17th
Natsuki Rigel: January 23rd
Cecilus Segmunt: April 2nd
Marcos Gildark: June 28th